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Executive Chef Claude Le Tohic

Born into a restaurant family, Chef Claude attended culinary school in Vannes, France.  Following graduation he accepted an apprenticeship at Les Hortensias, a Michelin One-Star restaurant. Two years later, he joined the kitchen of acclaimed Chef Ghislaine Arabians’ at Le Restaurant, a Michelin Two-Star eatery in Lille, France.  Less then a year later, in 1987, world-renown chef Joël Robuchon invited Le Tohic to become Chef de Cuisine at Jamin, his Michelin Three-Star restaurant in Paris.  The duo worked together for almost a year before military service called Le Tohic away from the kitchen.

In 1998 Le Tohic stepped into a lead position at the Centre de Formation d’Apprentis Interconsulaire de l’Eure, a world-famous apprenticeship program. After seven years of inspired work at the CFAIE, and at the request of “Chef of the Century” Joël Robuchon, Chef Le Tohic moved to the United States. His work has earned Joël Robuchon’s famed restaurant at the MGM Grand the only Michelin Three-Star rating in Las Vegas.

The restaurants with whom Le Tohic has contributed his culinary flair during his career thus far hold a combined 12 Michelin Stars. Truly great chefs are never satisfied with what they have accomplished and always look forward to new creative challenges. Chef Le Tohic is no exception. He set his sights on an opportunity in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2016, joining the Alexander’s Restaurant Group, famous for all things cutting-edge in steak and very fine dining. Great things are on the horizon with this partnership.

Recognition for his skills have garnered him numerous James Beard Awards including, nominee for Best Chef in America 2009, winner for Best Chef in America 2010 and semi-finalist for Outstanding Chef in 2015. He has been inducted as a member of “Les Maîtres Cuisiniers de France” and, in 2004, won the exceptionally prestigious, peer-chosen Meilleur Ouvier de France Award, an honor bestowed on the best chef in France every four years. Despite these incredible honors, Chef Claude Le Tohic remains a grounded and humble professional who just happens to be a kitchen magician.

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